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After the Captain America Credits…

September 26, 2011

Short post to plug my new After the Credits movie easter egg blog. Check it out.

I picked up on a wild idea to start blogging about something I always wait around for, but I only see about one out of five times — special easter egg scenes at the end of movie credits! I don’t know which movie it started with, but it seems all the Marvel franchise movies are doing it now a days. Iron Man did it. Iron Man II did it. Thor definitely did it. And now Captain America lays the coup de gras with an awesome Avengers Trailer after the credits!

I hope you enjoy the blog.

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Harris McHaney Realtors Chooses Vanguide Map Search

September 14, 2007

Vanguide Real Estate Map SearchAfter months and months of unbelievable work by our little software company Tasman Labs (formerly Real Site, Inc.), we have helped our client Harris McHaney to launch their brand new site:

Harris McHaney’s new map-based real estate search allows users to search for homes online using the familiar interface from Google Maps, and will soon allow saving of favorites and sending property details to friends, just as online home searchers have come to expect from national sites, like However, now with Vanguide, these features are available to Real Estate businesses centered around a small, regionally-focused MLS database, like Northwest Arkansas.

For the geeks who would be interested, the site was built using Ruby on Rails, making tasteful use of the Prototype JS libraries and AJAX as much as possible to cut down dramatically on page transitions and data loading time. This allows much more information to be presented in far less time, by cutting down on many unnecessary elements not related to a property’s details while searching.

It’s been maddening work, especially for our amazing CTO, Brad, but this is our first client of many to come. Future clients will be much easier to deploy, as we are now offering Vanguide as a licensed product for any web developer to deploy for their professional real estate clients, except for the time being in the NWA MLS region. As our launch partners, Harris McHaney will be able to enjoy the advantage of one year of market exclusivity with Vanguide in the Northwest Arkansas MLS region.

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